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Classic Pumpkin Pie Recipe

With only four ingredients, this delicious pumpkin pie is easy as—well, pie!

By World Market Editorial |

Prep Time: 10 min.

Cook Time: 55 min.

Total Time: 2—3 hr.

Servings: ~8



2 large eggs

1 cup evaporated milk

10.5 oz. jar World Market® Pumpkin Caramel Butter

9 inch pre-made pie crust


1. Lightly whisk eggs with evaporated milk until blended.

2. Add pumpkin butter and gently stir with whisk until smoothly blended.

3. Fill pie crust and bake in the center of a preheated 425 degree F oven for 15 minutes. Then reduce heat to 350 degrees F and continue baking for 40 minutes or until a knife inserted in the center of the pie comes out clean.

4. Cool well, then cover and refrigerate if not serving right away. Top with whipped cream if desired and enjoy!

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