Get ready for the festival of lights with latkes, jelly donuts and the dreidel! Celebrate this Hanukkah with a playful chalkboard menorah and colorful candles to add extra cheer. And don't forget the gifts!

Steenland Mesh Bag of Hanukkah Gelt
World Market®  Chanukah Pasta, Set of 2
Gourmet Bite Size Latkes 48 Count
Gourmet Bite Size Assorted Latkes 48 Count
Gourmet Large Latkes 24 Count
Online Only
Natural Gift Basket Kit
White Coupe Salad Plates, set of 4
White Coupe Dinner Plates, set of 4
White Coupe Soup Bowls, set of 4
White Porcelain Tasting Bowls, Set of 6
White Porcelain Square Tasting Dishes, Set of 6
White Coupe Serving Bowl
Straight Tasting Shot Glasses Set of 6
Silver Mercury Glass Votive Candleholders, Set of 3
White Coupe Square Dinnerware
White Square Coupe Bowls, set of 4
White Buffet Tablecloth
White Buffet Tablecloth
$29.99 - $34.99
Blue Fez Tile Dinnerware
$35.96 - $39.96
Blue Fez Tile Dinner Plates Set of 4
Blue Fez Tile Salad Plates Set of 4
Blue Fez Tile Bowls Set of 4
Wonki Ware Blue Nbedelle Flat Oval Platter
Wonki Ware Blue Nbedelle Flat Oval Platter
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Wonki Ware Medium Blue Ferris Snack Plate
Wonki Ware Medium Blue Ferris Snack Plate
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Dark Blue Cups Set of 2
Dark Blue Cups Set of 2
Was $5.00



Celebrate eight nights of Hanukkah by lighting your menorah, playing spin the dreidel and host your best Festival of Lights ever with the help of World Market! Our bite-size latke pancakes are perfect for smothering with applesauce, and our delicious babkas are irresistible with their contrast between slightly dry layers of bread and sticky, delicious swirls of chocolate or cinnamon. These kosher babkas are gourmet treats for your winter celebrations and sweet additions to any Hanukkah gift basket. Make Hanukkah extra special with a perfect fusion of croissant and Danish, the rich chocolate or sweet cinnamon-filled rugelach!

Discover dinnerware and glassware to make your nightly meals and menorah-lighting gatherings more stylish. Our affordable white bowls, plates, tasting dishes and serving trays let you show off all your delectable food. Our DIY natural branch menorah gives tradition a chic upgrade and serves as a great centerpiece for your dining room table. Make Hanukkah your best festival season yet!

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