Christmas Shop

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Make this a holly jolly Christmas with our Christmas Shop, bringing you everything you need to create an abundance of warmth and cheerful memories this December.

Once your Thanksgiving turkey is eaten, explore our Shop the Look collections for decorating inspiration for the entry way. Try giving red and green Christmas decor a modern update. Discover wreaths and garlands, candles and candleholders, lights and lanterns for your mantel decor or to bring a festive spirit to any room in the house. Find whimsical Nutcrackers, from classic wood collectables to playful, unique global designs. Decorate your home with our merry Christmas stocking assortment and fun and affordable stocking stuffers. Create Christmas cheer in your living room with warm throws and pillows and cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand – made to your liking from your own hot cocoa bar.

Discover unique and affordable gifts for everyone. Our gifts by recipients lets you get right to the point of discovering the perfect gift for him, your coworkers or friend who's a pet lover. Gifts by price help to keep you on budget and gift baskets are a perfect way to give a creative gift with ease. We've got you covered if you need help on how to gift-wrap, from decorative gift-wrap to four gift-wrap styles, which are sure to impress. Our affordable and unique Christmas Shop will even keep Santa Claus sticking around for more than one cookie!