From sunrise to sunset, our Hawaiian food assortment illuminates your day with the soothing spirit of the islands.

Hawaiian Host White Chocolate Matcha Macs Box
Hawaii's Famous Huli-Huli BBQ Sauce, Set of 2
Hawaiian Host Milk Chocolate Alohamacs
Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Alohamacs
Noh Hawaiian Coconut Pudding Haupia Mix, Set of 6
Flavors of Hawaii Coconut Syrup
NOH Chinese BBQ Char Siu Seasoning Mix, Set of 12
Alaea Red Hawaiian Sea Salt
Hawaiian Isles Vanilla Macadamia Kona Coffee
Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee
Hawaiian Isles Chocolate Macadamia Kona Coffee
Hawaiian Isles Kona Classic Coffee, 24 oz.
Noh Hawaiian Original BBQ Sauce, Set of 6
Hawaiian Pride Shoyu Chicken Sauce, Set of 6
Hawaiian Pride Charsiu Sauce, Set of 6
Hawaiian Pride BBQ Sauce, Set of 6
Ceres Mango Fruit Juice, Set of 12
Ceres Passion Fruit Juice, Set of 12
Ceres Guava Fruit Juice, Set of 12
Island Essentials Organic Coconut Oil
Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Alohamacs Box
Hawaiian Host Maui Caramacs Box
Hawaiian Sweet Maui Onion Kettle-Style Potato Chips

Whisk yourself away to the islands of Hawaii without leaving your home. Our Summer Guide will help you get started. Throw a themed summer backyard party for family and friends and discover everything you'll need for a memorable summer shindig, including an array of outdoor entertaining essentials.

If you can't travel to the rainbow state at the moment, it's easy to enjoy the summer sunshine at home and throw your own BBQs with a Hawaiian twist. Find delicious Hawaiian BBQ sauce for marinating a variety of meats for an irresistible feast every time. Take it up a notch with our Asian inspired dinnerware to create a poke bowl for the party. Try our recipe for Hawaiian sliders and you'll have everyone asking for more! Offer your guests snacks galore, including a variety of kettle-style potato chips from sweet Maui onion to Luau BBQ or make your own Spam musubi with our nori seaweed, Spam and rice. Nothing says "Aloha" like coconut in any form! Try coconut pudding for desserts, coconut candy, and coconut syrups to mix with your spirit of choice. Or use the syrups to have guests create their own shaved ice and with our Shaved Ice-maker, sure to be a party hit. Enjoy the island's finest macadamias covered in the best American chocolate – so good you may not want to share. With all the delicious food, don't forget to offer some delicious Hawaiian Kona coffee to ensure the party keeps going long after the sun has set.

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