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Spotlight On: Sustainable Wine

Read about our assortment of quality wine from companies who are committed to the earth and the environment in general, while minimizing waste.

Assortment of sustainable wines
Bottle of Tread Lightly wine

Tread Lightly

The name speaks for itself! Tread Lightly's goal as the first carbon neutral winery in South Africa is to have as little negative impact on the earth as possible. From the tree-free paper labels and their lightweight glass bottles to the small tractors they use in their vineyard, they try to go easy on the environment through sustainable practices.

Santa Julia vineyard showing compost area

Santa Julia

As the first winery in Argentina to earn fair trade certification, Santa Julia Winery delegates part of their funds for social benefit, such as equipping rural health centers and providing school materials to employees. Santa Julia makes organic wine and maintains more than 92 hectares of native forest, respecting biodiversity. They also efficiently use and recycle water while replacing and reducing use of fossil fuels.

Beach scene, pouring bottle of Santa Julia wine into a glass


Practicing sustainable farming, conscientious water use and recycling, Seaglass considers themselves environmental stewards in both the vineyard and at the winery. This Santa Barbara vineyard is Sustainability in Practice (SIP) certified, which requires a measurable set of practices that address habitat, water, energy, soil, recycling, air quality, packaging, pest management, social equity and business management.

Alpacas running through the Emiliana vineyard


Natura is organic both in the vineyard and the cellar. The idea is to make wine very pure, natural and with minimal intervention. Natura wine is produced with 100% organically grown Chilean grapes, certified organic by Eco Cert and gluten free. It's also vegan friendly, using no animal byproducts such as albumins or gelatins.

Veso O wine bottle

Veso O

Made by the same winery as Natura, Veso O is a high quality organic wine collection produced with the same practices: zero chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or synthesized products. Veso O is also vegan, gluten free and made from the cleanest and purest grapes the Chilean terroir offers.

Hand holding bunch of grapes at the vineyard


Cline produces a variety of wines that are both healthy and eco-friendly. Committed to sustainability, they don't use herbicides or pesticides in their vineyard and keep the weeds at bay with sheep and goats! The winery is also 100% solar powered and the Cline Family Cellars have developed their own sustainable practices to promote biological activity and enhance biodiversity, minimizing waste and pollution.

Bottle of Our Daily Cab wine in a basket

Our Daily Cabernet

If you're seeking a terrific cabernet, look no further. Our Daily Cab is a great tasting wine that reflects the California terroir and environment. It's not only USDA Certified Organic, it's gluten free and has no detectible sulfites, due to minimal processing and no preservatives. This luscious cabernet is also vegan friendly, using natural elements like bentonite clay and limestone in their filtration process.

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