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Introducing All Across Africa

Our new collection All Across Africa brings beautiful handcrafted products to your home and empowers talented artists in remote regions to succeed and support their families.

Collage of All Across Africa handmade products
Group shot of African women artists

Social Impact

All Across Africa brings you beautiful pieces that brighten your space and empower artisans to weave a better story for themselves. When you purchase these goods, you’re not only buying a woven product⁠—you’re investing in a high-quality handcrafted work of art created by an experienced weaver. All Across Africa is committed to creating valuable employment for men and women across rural parts of the continent.

Close-up of artisan weaving a basket

How They're Made

The intricate designs and craftsmanship of these products are made through generations of tradition, passed down from mothers to daughters for centuries. A high-quality basket begins with locally sourced materials accessible to the weavers. First steps involve a labor-intensive process during which weavers work to break down fibers to a workable form, wash them and add natural dyes. Then the weaving process begins!

Artisan weaver Hanifa

Meet Hanifa, Artisan Weaver

Hanifa Namuyomba is a 49 year-old single mother of 6 children who makes her livelihood from weaving. The money she earns helps her pay her rent and take care of her family as the sole breadwinner. Each handmade All Across Africa purchase helps women like Hanifa and their families.

Assortment of All Across Africa and other handmade products

Stunning Sustainability

Add handmade style and sustainability to your home’s decor with this Fair Trade collection. Due to handcrafting and natural materials used variations will occur, making your All Across Africa products one-of-a-kind collectibles and great conversation pieces.

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