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5 Reasons to Love World Market Coffee

Looking for your new favorite coffee beans? Whether you love a cup in the morning as a necessary jolt or are looking to discover new blends, here are five more reasons to love our coffee.

Direct Trade Coffees

We are proud to offer Direct Trade coffees that foster direct relationships with farmers and small producers, and in turn help their communities. Direct Trade Coffee often gets confused with Fair Trade Coffee, yet there are distinctions between the two. The former allows for collaborative relationships between farmers and roasters, which we think makes for a more exceptional coffee tasting experience.

Top-Tier Arabica Beans

Sip on this: Every coffee in our Direct Trade program is made up of 100% premium Arabica beans, each one carefully picked and roasted to perfection in small batches. Not very many people know this, but back in the day, World Market used to roast our own coffee in Oakland—that’s how devoted we were and still are to our World Market Brand Coffees and our coffee-loving customers. We’re proud to continue our commitment to quality coffee.

Newer Regions & Recipes

We’ve added beans from Ethiopia in our Moka Java coffee, which now is a mix of Ethiopian and Indonesian beans. This addition brings out brighter notes than our previous blend. We have also adjusted two coffee recipes: Our Salted Caramel coffee is an update to an oldie but goodie (Crème Caramel), and what was once our Vanilla Bean coffee has a richer aroma and flavor since we switched to Tahitian Vanilla Bean.

The Price Is Right

Coffee can be really exciting, and the joy of discovering new blends shouldn’t come at a high price. We want people to taste the world, one cup at a time, and to be able to do this at a price they can live with. We want you to discover the bright and winey flavors that come from Tanzanian coffees, the earthy and full-bodied coffees that Sumatra is famous for, and the wonderfully bright acidity from Costa Rica.

Specialty Brewing Methods

Our Direct Trade coffees are best enjoyed using brewing methods like the French press or a Chemex. In a French press, the coffee is well-rounded, full-bodied and the metal filter lets the beans' oils and sediment stay in the cup. Chemex lends a smoother texture and purer flavor, with pronounced acidity. The auto drip coffee maker fell between the two methods, resulting in a less intense cup than the French press.

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