Every product at World Market has a story to tell. Discover the history, missions and craftsmanship behind some of our latest finds and favorite brands.

Our Toy Story

Discover World Market's updated selection of educational, inclusive and FUN toys!

It's Playtime!

Keep the kids busy and inspired with the help of some of our favorite toy brands.

Clean Up the Natural Way

Discover some of our favorite natural cleaning and personal care brands and products.

The Tastes of Sicily

Discover food and drinks from our tempting variety of Sicilian brands.

Rooms that Refresh

You can't spell "home" without "om." Take a deep breath and embrace these relaxing spaces.

Recycled Rugs & Pillows

Learn about the process of turning PET plastic into beautiful, sustainable decor.

All About Essential Oils

Discover a variety of essential oils and how they may benefit your skin and hair.

Green Cleaning

Introducing natural cleaning products from Happy Place by Beekman 1802.

Pack Your Lunch

Eat well and reduce waste with our selection of sustainable food storage and lunch totes.

Gifts that Give Back

Shop from a selection of brands that make a difference. It's like two presents in one!

Coffee Blends & Brews

Rise and grind! Here are a few reasons to fall in love with World Market Brand Coffee.

About Sackcloth & Ashes

In this Q&A with Sackcloth & Ashes Founder, we learn the mission behind the brand.

Baked Mixes

Make delish snack cakes and cookies with these mixes from the renowned Brooklyn bakery.