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Stop spending money on bottled fizzy water and make your own! SodaStream allows you to carbonate your own water while reducing plastic bottle waste. Enjoy the crisp hydration of sparkling water at home or on the go with your SodaStream carbonating water bottles. For extra flavor, you can find SodaStream organic soda syrup and made sweet fizzy drinks or choose SodaStream drops when you want that essence of fruit without the sugar.

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SodaStream is the best choice for making carbonated water at home, encouraging the whole family to enjoy healthy, sugar-free hydration throughout the day. We're delighted to offer their latest line of user-friendly Fizzi water-maker kits, additional carbonating bottles and replacement CO2 cylinders. In addition to making fizzy water, using a SodaStream makes an important statement against the disposable plastics clogging the earth. By the company's estimates, one reusable SodaStream bottle can save over 3,000 single-use bottles from ending up in landfills. By 2025, SodaStream predicts they'll have eliminated a stunning 67 billion bottles that would otherwise have been discarded. Use your SodaStream machine with pride!

There's something about a refreshing sip of calorie-free sparkling water that makes you say "Ahhh!" in satisfaction. Recreating this sensation again and again with your SodaStream machine is quick, easy and convenient - it's as simple as pressing a button, whether manually with the standard Fizzi or just the once with the electric One Touch. All our kits include a carbonating cylinder filled with enough CO2 to make about 60 liters of bubbly drink and a durable, easy-to-clean water bottle designed to last for up to three years. Once the CO2 runs out, simply bring the empty cylinder to a participating gas refill store or send it to SodaStream for a cost-effective replacement. SodaStream machines are designed to carbonate water, but it's easy to add your favorite juices or soda flavorings to a freshly carbonated bottle. Are you ready to start fizzing?