Capresso makes coffee makers, kettles and coffee accessories that combine both innovation and outstanding quality.

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Capresso Electric Water Kettle
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Capresso Stainless Steel Disc Burr Electric Coffee Grinder
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Capresso Coffee and Spice Grinder
Capresso Coffee and Spice Grinder
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Turn your kitchen into every coffee and tea lover's dream with our assortment of Capresso machines. Find your perfect coffee bean grinder, coffee and espresso machines, electric water kettles and carafes, all in chic stainless steel.

The start to any good cup of coffee or espresso begins with the coffee beans. Capresso's coffee bean grinder preserves more flavor and aroma, filling your kitchen with the perfect scent of ground coffee. It can also be used to grind your spices! Next you'll have to decide which of Capresso's amazing coffee machines you'll want nestled on your kitchen counter. Select from a traditional glass-carafe coffee maker with modern features like a programmable timer, a single and double cappuccino and espresso machine or a larger coffee maker with a thermal carafe. Don't forget to shop for your perfect coffee mug, and if you need help assembling your perfect cup, we've got your guide to the anatomy of a coffee drink. If you're more of a tea person, indulge in Capresso's attractive precision pour-over electric kettle or its elegant electric water kettle. With our wide assortment of global teas you'll want to host a tea party every weekend for family and friends! Capresso can take your everyday coffee or tea routine and turn it into something special.

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