Hostess Gifts

You'll never show up empty-handed with these superb gifts for the host and hostess to choose from. Explore our candles, serveware, dishware and more!

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Condoreli Assorted Nougat Tin
Condoreli Assorted Nougat Tin
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Waxed Planter Flower Garden Growing Kits Set of 2
Floral Bouquet Soap Petals, 20-Piece
Wild Flowers Soap Petals
Gold Mercury Glass Votive Candleholders Set of 3
Vanilla Soap Petals, 20 Pieces
Cat Ceramic Tea Rests Set of 3
Gold and Marble Pedestal Stand
Gold and Marble Pedestal Stand
$29.99 - $39.99
White Marble Hexagon Coasters Set of 4
White Marble Hexagon Coasters Set of 4
Was $12.99


Vintage Coffee Label Plates 4 Count
Mini Origami Kit
Lucky Cat Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Cherry Blossom Sushi Dish 4 Piece Gift Set
Sentiment Tea Rests Set of 3
Champagne Bottle Straws 12 Pack
Hammered Copper Salt and Pepper Grinder Set
White Ceramic Vinegar Cruet
White Ceramic Vinegar Cruet
Was $7.48


Large Savannah Bee Company Raw Acacia Honeycomb
Asian Passage Fortune Cookies
Black and White Resin  Coasters Set of 4
Black and White Resin  Coasters Set of 4
Was $15.96


Polaroid Glass Coasters Set of 4
Polaroid Glass Coasters Set of 4
Was $19.99


Green Tea Mochi, Set of 6
Golden Sparkle Lacquer Serving Tray
White Marble and Wood Cheese Board and Knife Set
Gold Agate Slice 3 Piece Cheese Knife Set

Discover creative ideas for thank you gifts for the host and hostess. Our selection of gifts will ensure that next time you attend a dinner party or spend the weekend at a friend's house, your gratitude will shine right through the decorative gift wrap and stationery.

Find a great assortment of hand-selected gifts from unique salt and pepper shakers, which add a fun look to their dining room table, to festive candles, which add warmth to any home decor style. Snag yourself another invitation and explore gift ideas for him or her, including live succulent pots, culinary essentials like a set of steak or cheese knives and gift boxes full of gourmet chocolates or traditional Italian panettone cakes.

Arrive with their favorite red or white wine and a stylish wine decanter to help the host serve, or shop our collection of globally inspired serveware that complements their style and kitchen decor. You'll never have to show up empty-handed, no matter your budget, with World Market as your destination for affordable host or hostess gifts.

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