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Our sweet treats can't be beat! We've got unique gourmet chocolate, candy and licorice from every corner of the globe, plus your classic favorites.

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Peach Gummy Rings Tub
Sour Prosecco Gummy Bears Tub
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Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Tub
Dark Chocolate Almonds Tub
Milk Chocolate Jumbo Malt Balls Tub
Mini Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisps
Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels Tub
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels Tub
Milk Chocolate Jumbo Raisins Tub
Baci Ruby Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles Bag
Ghirardelli Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate Bar
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Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares Sea Salt Caramel Filling
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Brooklyn Born Banana and Cashew Dark Chocolate Bar
Brooklyn Born Coffee Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bar
Brooklyn Born Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Bar
YummyComb 70% Dark Orange Chocolate and Honeycomb Pieces
YummyComb 70% Dark Orange Chocolate and Honeycomb Pieces
YummyComb Belgian Milk Chocolate and Honeycomb Pieces
YummyComb 70% Dark Orange Chocolate and Honeycomb Bar
YummyComb Sea Salted Caramel Chocolate and Honeycomb Bar
Yard of Bubblegum
Sirius Dark Chocolate and Liquorice Candies
Kinder Bueno Minis Bag
Icelandic Milk Chocolate Bar
Icelandic 70% Mint Dark Chocolate Bar
Julie Ann Original Caramels Set of 12
Nestle Kit Kat Orange Chocolate Wafer Bars 9 Piece
Nestle Kit Kat Dark Chocolate Mint Wafer Bars 9 Piece

Delight your sweet tooth with World Market's delicious selection of gourmet candy and chocolate. Treat yourself to uniquely flavored chocolate bars, licorice, gummy candy, mints, gums, and novelty candy from every corner of the globe.

Everyone loves a sweet treat! Never run out with World Market exclusive candy. It's as budget friendly as it is delicious and comes in a variety of fruit flavors like watermelon slices, fruit belts, gummy bears, and fruit rings. We also carry appetizing options like milk and dark chocolate covered nuts, espresso beans, and coconut.

Have a party coming up? Place a variety of candies out for guests, use them to fill gift bags or pair with other gourmet treats.

For real chocolate fanatics, our selection takes you on a delectable trip around the world. Indulge in Kinder and Ritter Sport bars from Germany, Italy's Dark Perugina Baci bars, and a variety of Swiss Toblerone and Stella Bernrain bars. Try local flavors in quirky combinations, like chipotle chili pepper or ginger wasabi bar, from Seattle chocolates, Voges, Chocolove and Chaou.

If you want to take a sweet trip down memory lane, we have all your favorite retro treats, plus licorice in classic black and fruit-inspired flavors like mango, cherry cola and red currant. Kids will love our variety of Haribo favorites, like strawberry wheels, alphabet letters and rainbow frogs, or try something new with fruit gummies from Japan and British wine gums. And when you've overdone it with the sugar, reach for a piece of ginger candy to help settle your stomach.