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Create budget-friendly custom gifts brimming with special finds. Explore our brilliant array of basket kit ideas!

Brown Gift Basket Kit
Large Gift Basket Kit, Red
Natural Apple Basket Kit
Wire Gift Basket Kit with Copper Handle
Round Copper Basket
Oval Galvanized Basket Kit with Rope Handles
Copper Gift Basket Kit
Wire Farmhouse Basket
Wood Basket Gift Kit With Rope Handles
Dark Brown Basket Kit with Handle
Large Brown Basket Kit
Gray Wire Gift Basket Kit
Oval Rustic Wire Basket Kit
Large White Oval Isabella Basket
Large Red Excelsior
Large Red Excelsior
Was $5.99


White Wire Gift Basket Kit
Large Round White Basket Kit
Mint Wire Basket Kit
Large Round Basket Kit
Rectangular Rustic Wire Basket
Cream Mini Wire Baskets Set of 2
Rectangular Galvanized Wire Basket
Mini Silver Wire Baskets Set of 2
Giant Burlap Gift Sack
Giant Burlap Gift Sack
Was $19.99


Pink Mulberry Tissue, Set of 2
Red & Orange Mulberry Tissue, Set of 2
Bright Green Mulberry Tissue
Light Pink Mulberry Tissue

Creating a budget-friendly gift basket is easy with our assortment, from wire baskets to willow baskets and a wide range of things to fill them with like paper crinkle, tissue or excelsior, which is made from shredded wood chips in eye-grabbing bold colors and whimsical gift tags and ribbons to complete the basket.

Pay homage to that old saying - it's the thought that counts by creating a gift basket that is personalized for the birthday girl, your boyfriend, for Mother's Day or even has a housewarming present. Start off by selecting the base – the basket. Find a variety of sizes, colors and materials to choose from like a honey willow basket, a brown rectangular Jamie basket, rustic square baskets or wire baskets. Get creative with what you put in them, filling them with things your friends and family will use and enjoy – like mulled wine, DIY floral bath bombs or bar accessories. Cushion the gifts with your choice of filler from soft tissue paper to excelsior and other crinckle paper in bold hues. Create eye-catching presentation by completing the look with gift tags for a one-of-a-kind gift surprise.

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