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From spaghetti to spaetlze to couscous, our top-quality selection of pasta, rice, quinoa and other grains and noodles bring global goodness home.

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Hello Kitty Organic Pasta
Solitaly Linguine with Truffle Set Of 6
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Solitaly Garlic and Basil Linguine Set of 6
Solitaly Chili Pepper Linguine Set of 6
Regioni D'Italia Tagliatelle Pasta Set of 12
Regioni D'Italia Bucatini Pasta Set of 12
Regioni D'Italia Giant Calamarata Pasta Set of 12
Trevijano Mushroom Risotto Set Of 12
Trevijano Vegetable Paella Set Of 12
Trevijano Tuscan Risotto With Tomato And Basil Set Of 12
Three Ladies Spring Roll Rice Paper 32 Count Set of 11
World Market® Wild Garlic Gnocchi Set of 12
World Market® Mini Potato Gnocchi Set Of 12
World Market® Pesto Gnocchi Set Of 12
Nongshim Tempura Udon Noodle Soup Cups Set of 6
Pagani Cheese and Mushrooms Tortellini Set of 8
Pagani Cheese Ravioletti Set of 8
Pagani Cheese and Truffle Ravioli Set of 8
Asha Tainan Noodles with Sesame Paste Sauce 5 Pack
Nongshim Beef and Seaweed Noodle Soup
Molino Instant Polenta Box Set Of 12
Molino Instant Polenta Box Set Of 12
Paldo Gomtang Noodles 5 Pack
World Market® Organic Lumaconi Pasta Set of 12
World Market® Organic Casarecce Pasta Set of 12
World Market® Organic Tortiglioni Pasta Set of 12
World Market® Organic Penne Pasta Set of 12

Give your taste buds a trip around the globe with our selection of top-quality pasta, rice, noodles, quinoa and other grains. And nothing is more satisfying than having the perfect ingredients on hand when inspiration strikes. For your next indoor dinner party, serve up some Moroccan chicken and vegetable stew with a nice side of couscous and pair it with wine. Pastas of all kinds, from gnocchi to penne to tricolor blends, paired with delicious pasta sauce and lots of other lovely ingredients will take your taste buds directly to a small trattoria in Italy. Discover our recipes for gourmet pasta dishes for a getaway from your dinner table. Try your hand at a German pasta dish, like spaetzle, and explore our assortment of delicious noodles to pair with your favorite meat dish or sauce. Take a trip across the border and create Mexican-inspired dishes with Conchita yellow rice. Keeping the right flavors in your pantry will ensure that you are always prepared for any and all impromptu cooking sessions. With a dash of this and a pinch of that, something ordinary can become magical.