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Soft, furry and huggable, our cute stuffed animals are as budget friendly as they are sweet. Kids, babies and the young at heart will love to give or receive these plush toys as bedtime companions, birthday or holiday gifts and party favors.

Plush Corduroy Raffy the Giraffe
Wee Kiddo Plush Lamb
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Plush Peach Piggy Stuffed Pig
Alley Stuffed Cat
Plush Corduroy Key Key the Monkey
Plush Corduroy Ellie the Elephant
White Plush Stuffed Unicorn
Faux Mohair Plush Stuffed Bear
Curly Plush Stuffed Pony
Curly Plush Stuffed Narwhal
Plush Marco the Penguin
Wesley Plush Westie Dog
Plush Mingo the Flamingo
Clucky Stuffed Chicken
Link Plush Piglet
Plush Stuffed Lamb
Wee Wittle Plush Stuffed Bunnies
Plush Stuffed Standing Otter
Plush Stuffed Lemur
Small Plush Stuffed Corgi
Small Plush Stuffed Corgi
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Shop for adorable stuffed animals made of super-soft plush fabric; small, oversized, or in between, they make lovable companions for your little ones. Our unique plush toys are great if you're looking for fun on a limited budget. A long-armed monkey is great to dangle from a rope, railing or bedpost, or to decorate your kids' room or for a party. Fill our felt sock monkey containers with goodies and treats to give as party favors. Discover our Little Golden books stuffed animals and let the characters come alive for your little ones during bedtime reading.

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