Meats, Fish and Cheese

Featuring a quality selection of high-protein foods at incredible values, our globally sourced meats and fine cheese selections make the perfect meal.

Matiz Gallego Sardines with Lemon Set of 12
Callipo Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil 3 Pack
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World Market® Classic Alaskan Smoked Salmon
Volpi Pinot Grigio Salami, Set of 6
Volpi Rose Salami, Set of 6
Volpi Romano Salami, Set of 6
Riga Gold Smoked Sprats in Oil Set of 12
Riga Sardines in Tomato Sauce Set of 12
Daniele Sliced Serrano Ham, Set of 2
Zoe's Uncured Absinthe Salami
Zoe's Uncured Absinthe Salami
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Tonnino Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil Set of 12
Ortiz White Tuna in Olive Oil Jar
Ortiz Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil Jar
Ortiz White Tuna in Olive Oil Tin Set of 10
TRATA Smoked Tuna in Vegetable Oil Set of 9
Ortiz Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Ortiz Anchovies in Olive Oil
Ortiz Anchovies in Olive Oil
Was $5.99


Ortiz Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Appel Kipper Fillets, Set of 6
RugenFisch Fried Herring, Set of 6
Henaff Pork Liver Pate, Set of 12
Appel Smoked Trout, Set of 2
Appel Herring Fillets in Tomato Sauce, Set of 5

Our global selection of top-quality foods makes entertaining easy. Stock the pantry with the essentials like crackers, spreads and snacks, and then reserve some space in the fridge for our globally sourced meats and fine cheese. Discover favorites from around the world – German delicacy, RugenFisch fried herring, La Abuelita's bold Mexican chorizo, European-inspired Klement sausage and more!

Become a wine and cheese whiz with our cheat sheet and create fabulous appetizer platters for your next party. Shop for cheddar, creamy swiss or a variety of other flavorful cheeses. With our ready sliced meat selection you can bring your cheese patters up a notch with bold flavors and a colorful spread. Or go the other route with our smoked meats from smoked sprats or smoked salmon on your spread. Enjoy the luxury and taste of a lobster pate spread over crackers or fresh bread as a savory and velvety hors d'oeuvre that will compliment your cheese plates. Not only will you and your guest love our selection of meats and cheeses, but so will your wallet!

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