Faux Succulents, Botanicals and Flowers

Get the beauty of live plants without the maintenance! Our faux succulents, flowers, stems and branches can be displayed on their own or in unique arrangements of your own creation.

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Large Faux Natural Pampas Grass Stem
Large Faux Natural Pampas Grass Stem
Faux Ranunculus And Mimosa Leaf Bundles Set Of 3
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Large Faux Queen Anne's Lace Sprays Set Of 3
Faux Peony And Succulent Bundles Set Of 3
Faux Leafy Wild Flower Bundles Set Of 3
Faux Lace Flower Bundles Set Of 4
Faux Fern And Leaf Bundles Set Of 3
Faux Succulent And Queen Anne's Lace Bundles Set Of 3
Large Faux Berry Stems Set Of 3
Faux String of Pearls Plant in Textured Pot
Faux Aloe in Terracotta Pot
Faux Peperomia Plants Set of 2
Faux Succulents in Etched Cement Pots Set of 3
Large Faux Rubber Plants Set Of 2
Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Stem
Faux Cacti in Dark Cement Pots Set of 4
6 Piece Faux Succulent and Moss Assortment Set of 2 Packs
3 Pack of Faux Succulent Spheres Set of 2
Faux Succulents In Heart Planters Set of 2
Faux Calathea Plant
Faux Succulents in Log Slices Set of 2
Faux Succulents In Cement Pots Hanging Decor Set of 2
Faux Zamiifolia Stem
Faux Succulents In Glass Terrariums Set Of 2
Faux Echeveria In Round Cement Pots Set Of 3
Faux Dieffenbachia Plants Set of 2

When the desire to have greenery in your home outweighs your lack of a green thumb, our assortment of faux succulents, botanicals and flowers is the perfect solution. Create a festive, fresh mood throughout the year in any room in your home with our faux succulent wall art, magnolia stems, peony bunches, air plants and so much more!

Bring the beauty of nature to your coffee table with a faux potted cactus, or enhance your reading nook with hanging glass globes of faux succulents. Just because they're faux doesn't mean you can't get crafty by creating your own DIY terrariums using our assortment of succulents and mosses. Decorating with plants is even more fun with our faux botanicals, and trying to figure out proper sun care isn't an issue! Design decadent centerpieces for the dining room or as part of your outdoor decor. Welcome visitors with vertical boxes in your entryway or welcome a good night's sleep with beautiful flower arrangements in your bedroom. The possibilities are endless and affordable with our collection!

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