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Turn children into budding scientists with our assortment of science kits that help them build and learn. Choose from anatomy models, robotics kits and experiments including mirrors, magnets and more.

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4M Logiblocs Alarms and Door Bell Science Kit
Thames & Cosmos Alien Robots Engineering Kit
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Discover With Dr Cool Science Magic Invisible Test Tube Kit
4M Kidz Labs Crystal Science Kit
4M Logiblocs Secret Recorder Science Kit
Geo Central Earth Science Crystals Kit
4M Steam Powered Girls Intruder Alarm Robot Science Kit
4M Kidz Robotix Motorised Robot Hand Science Kit
4M Green Science Aqua Robot Kit
Smarty Pants Brainteaser Game
Mini Crystal Growing Science Kit
4M Green Science Salt-Powered Robot
Kidz Labs Mighty Magnet Magnetic Racer
Pocket Telescope
Geo Central Earth Science Rocks Kit
Peg Fridge Rover
4M Steam Powered Girls Weather Station Science Kit

Bring a smile to the face of your budding scientist, enthusiastic engineer, or curious anthropologist with our assortment of science toys for kids. Modern science meets ancient history with our T-Rex DNA kit that lets your favorite kid enjoy digging up their very own dinosaur. Keep your curious little one immersed in endless discovery with our compact microscope that has the ability to zoom and magnify up to 30 times! When school breaks roll around, ensure that the youngsters' wheels keep turning with our educational kits, which allow kids to build and create their own frozen scene, cat anatomy model, robot arm and so much more.

Find inspiration to build a playroom, with floor-to-ceiling shelves to hold not only all your little one's science toys, but also their arts and crafts supplies, children's books, and plush toys! While we can't guarantee how long it will stay neat and organized, we can say it will add functional value to any room. And if you're searching for the perfect gift for a kid that doesn't belong to you, look no further, we've put together a gift guide, perfect for Christmas time and beyond, to help you shop for the kids in your life!

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