Bring the east to the west and find ingredients for Asian cuisine with World Market's assortment of sauces, mixes and noodles. Cook up some Korean BBQ, make your own Vietnamese pho or try a new Japanese candy!

Morinaga Pancake Mix
5 Pack Indomie Hot & Spicy Fried Noodles Set of 6
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Jayone Napa Cabbage Kimchi Set of 6
Chung Jung One Premium Korean Original BBQ Sauce
Savory Choice Tom Yum Broth Concentrate Set of 2
Savory Choice Pho Veggie Broth Set of 2
Snapdragon Miso Rice Ramen Soup Bowl Set of 6
Snapdragon Mushroom Vietnamese Pho Soup Set of 6
Snapdragon Vegetable Vietnamese Pho Soup Set of 6
Snapdragon Pho Soup, Set of 6
Snapdragon Garlic Pho Soup Set of 6
Snapdragon Saigon Pho Soup Set of 6
Korean Bulgogi BBQ Sauce, Set of 2
Tasty Bite Thai Vegetable Curry Set of 6
Takayokaya Roasted Seaweed Sheets Set of 2
Takayokaya Roasted Seaweed Sheets Set of 2
deSiam Instant Tom Kha Coconut Soup, Set of 12
deSiam Instant Tom Yam Soup, Set of 12
Bali's Best Coffee Candy, Set of 6
Bali's Best Espresso Candy, Set of 6
Bali's Best Latte Candy, Set of 6
Chicken Flavor Sanukiya Udon, Set of 12
Green Tea Mochi, Set of 6

Enjoy a night spent in Korea, Japan, Thailand or the Philippines. Stock up on Asian dinnerware, so you can have the perfect Asian dining experience at your own dinner table. Browse our Asian food assortment and you'll find the very best ingredients and serveware for bibimbap, sushi, pad thai and more, at prices that will have you craving Asian cuisine every night of the week!

Explore our international selection of authentic ingredients from across the Asian continent, including a wide array of ready-made meals, rice, ramen, sauces and noodle bowls, whether you're in the mood for a unique Japanese dessert or looking for sushi supplies and ingredients. Find snacks that make you "snap" – like Pocky Sticks in a variety of flavors. Take a Thai vacation from home with everything you need to make a pad thai. Discover salty, sweet and spicy snacks like our Pai Gow Snack Mix and you'll forget about plain old chips and dips in a second. We've got all your favorite noodles, from udon and rice ramen to egg noodles. We also have spices and seasonings from classic Sriracha to curries in every flavor. And don't forget to keep up your love of Asian cuisine with a cookbook.

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