Easter Candy

Chocolates, jellybeans, licorice and more global flavors. Discover a sweet selection of Easter treats everybunny will savor.

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Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Game
Terry's Chocolate Oranges, Set of 12
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Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bar, Set of 5
Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bar, Set of 5
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Steenland Mesh Bag of Bank Vault Coins, Set of 10
Large Chocolate Story Dark Chocolate Monkey Wrench
Chocolate Story Dark Chocolate Pliers
Luehders Ocean Gummy Candy Set of 6
Favarger Swiss Dark Chocolate Bar Set of 2
Haribo Gold Bears Tub
Haribo Gold Bears Tub
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World Market® Dark Chocolate and Espresso Laceys
World Market® Dark Chocolate and Espresso Laceys
World Market® Dark Chocolate and Coconut Laceys
World Market® Dark Chocolate and Coconut Laceys
Watermelon Pop Rocks Candy, Set of 12
Ritter Sport Coconut Chocolate Bar, Set of 12
Kasugai Ramune Flavor Gummy Candies, Set of 12
White Rabbit Creamy Candy Set of 12
Haribo Raspberry Gummies, Set of 12
Haribo Fruit Salad Gummi Candy, Set of 12
Haribo Twin Cherries Gummies, Set of 12
Botan Rice Candy, Set of 10
Kasugai Gummy Kiwis, Set of 12
Kasugai Gummy Lychees, Set of 12
Chimes Original Chews, Set of 5
Nestle Rowntree Fruit Gums, Set of 36
Raindrops Candy Sushi Mini Bento Box 9 Piece
Jelly Belly Beananza, 2-Pound Bag
Jelly Belly Jurassic World Chocolate Dinosaur Egg Set of 6

While marshmallow Peeps and jelly beans are basically Easter's unofficial candy representatives, we all know Easter is not complete without chocolate - and lots of it! From Toblerone to chocolate Easter eggs, browse our international candy aisle to fill up your baskets and satisfy your sweet tooth. We even have some fun Easter candy facts so you can quiz folks at your next Easter brunch.

Create a customized Easter basket full of treats to please anyone. First, choose a basket from our vast selection. Then stuff it with Easter grass and an assortment of fillers and toys like travel games, mini gifts and plush stuffed animals. Next, pick delicious treats and sweets – we have everything from chocolate bunnies and licorice to chocolate truffles and Pez! Lastly, wrap your basket with clear cellophane and top it with a big bow for a colorful and fun finishing touch.

Whatever your idea of a sweet arrangement is, find everything you need for the Easter holiday and spring season at World Market. Treat yourself to seasonal must-haves like Jordan almonds, a springtime favorite. Set them out in a candy dish or apothecary jar for anytime snacking. Once the egg hunt is done, enjoy a festive cocktail with the other adults and nibble on some biscuits or more chocolate, because Easter isn't just for the kiddos!

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