Lunar New Year

Celebrate the 2019 Lunar New Year with our eastern inspired collection of home decorations, Asian foods and gifts for entertaining.

Asian Passage Fortune Cookies
Asian Passage Traditional Almond Cookies
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Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge Cookbook
12 Inch Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok
Stainless Steel Porcelain Dynasty 3 Piece Wok Utensil Set
Stainless Steel Porcelain Dynasty 3 Piece Wok Utensil Set
10-inch Bamboo Steamer
Red Lantern Silicone and Steel Tea Infusers Set of 2
Red Lantern Silicone and Steel Tea Infusers Set of 2
Red Ramen Bowl and Green Ramen Bowl
Black and Red Melamine Bento Boxes Set of 2
Black and Red Melamine Noodle Bowls Set of 4
Black and Red Melamine Bowls Set of 4
Snapdragon Saigon Pho Soup Set of 6
Snapdragon Saigon Pho Soup Set of 6
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Surasang Japchae Sweet Potato Noodles, Set of 4
Lucky Cat Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Stainless Steel Chopsticks Set of 12
Stripe Chopsticks, 2 Sets
Shanghai Dip Bowls,  Set of 4
Rectangular Shanghai Plates,  Set of 4
Square Shanghai Plates,  Set of 4
Shanghai Noodle Bowls,  Set of 4
Shanghai Rice Bowls,  Set of 4
Savory Choice Pho Beef Broth, Set of 12
Savory Choice Pho Chicken Broth, Set of 12
Kamfen Thin-Style Egg Noodles, Set of 12
Hello Kitty Lucky Stars Candy Tins, Set of 3

The Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year as a way to celebrate a year of hard work, and it is a time for rest and relaxation with loved ones. Originally observed to celebrate a year's harvest, now it's about wishes for success in many areas of life. The one thing that hasn't changed - it's a festival for family. Our assortment of fortune cookies, rice bowls, bamboo steamers and more provide you with everything you will need to throw your own Chinese New Year celebration.

Usher in the new year with all of the traditional lucky foods, such as pan fried potstickers. Add a modern flair to classics with a recipe for a Mandarin mule cocktail, a thirst-quenching crowd pleaser! Grab some sweet and crunchy fortune cookies to read what your future holds while enjoying tea in your favorite mug. Adorn the dinner table with lucky cat figurines. Capture a sleek and simple style with Zen-inspired rice bowls and plates. Keep your Hello Kitty lucky tin filled with delicious candies nearby to enjoy with dessert. Raise a toast for a prosperous year and enjoy hosting an affordable Lunar New Year dinner, with help from World Market!

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