Single Serve Coffee

Make it a great, easy morning with the simplicity of a single serve coffee cup. What makes it even better? Knowing our OneCup coffees are biodegradable - good for your mornings and good for the planet.

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World Market® French Roast OneCup™ Coffee
World Market® Italian Roast OneCup™ Coffee
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Illy Classico Espresso Coffee Capsules 10 Count
Illy Intenso Espresso Coffee Capsules 10 Count
Illy Lungo Espresso Coffee Capsules 10 Count
Illy Forte Espresso Coffee Capsules 10 Count
Illy Medium Roast K-Cup 10 Count
Illy Dark Roast K-Cup 10 Count
Lavazza Perfetto K-Cup 10 Count
Lavazza Classico K-Cup 10 Count
Lavazza Gran Selezione K-Cup 10 Count
Lavazza Gran Selezione K-Cup 10 Count
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Illy Arabica Selection Colombia Coffee K-Cup 10 Count
Illy Arabica Selection Brasile Coffee K-Cup 10 Count
World Market® Costa Rican Tarrazu OneCup™ Coffee
World Market® Sumatra OneCup™ Coffee

Infuse your morning pick-me-up with a touch of ease - shop our wide selection of single serve coffee at affordable prices. Take your senses on a trip around the globe while brewing fresh coffee at home. Try the intense and aromatic flavors of Ethiopian coffee, the full-bodied taste of Kenyan coffee or a well-balanced light roast with a smooth finish like our breakfast blend coffee. Shop for classics like French roast and Italian roast or specialty blends like Hawaiian Isles vanilla macadamia or Kona chocolate. You can create cappuccinos, cafes, mochas and more. Just because it's a single serve doesn't mean your morning cup of joe has to be boring.

Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, we've got your coffee break covered. Use our quick and convenient one-cup espresso pods to deliver your favorite brew in your favorite mug. Bring it up a notch by serving your sugar and creamer in our chic bowls. Convenient doesn't have to mean plain!

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