Our exclusive gourmet World Market Coffee is blended from the world’s finest coffee beans. Find your favorites in regular or decaf, for far less.

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24 oz. World Market® Italian Roast Coffee Set of 3
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12 Oz. World Market® Caramel Macchiato Ground Coffee
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12 Oz. World Market® Toasted Hazelnut Coffee
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Original price: $6.99
24 oz. World Market® Sumatra Coffee Set of 3
Original price: $29.97
24 oz. World Market® French Roast Coffee Set of 3
Original price: $29.97
Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory
Original price: $9.99
12 Oz. World Market® Texas Turtle Coffee
Available In Store Only
Original price: $6.99
Hawaiian Isles Chocolate Macadamia Kona Coffee
Original price: $9.49
24 oz. World Market® Island Blend Coffee Set of 3
Original price: $29.97
Hawaiian Isles Kona Classic Coffee, 24 oz.
Original price: $20.99
World Market® Explorer's Blend Coffee Set of 3
Original price: $29.97
Dallmayr Crema D'Oro Whole Bean Coffee
Original price: $9.99
Dallmayr Prodomo Coffee
Original price: $9.99
12 Oz. World Market® Chocolate Hazelnut Ground Coffee
Lavazza Caffe Espresso Whole Bean Coffee
Original price: $19.99
12 oz. World Market® Kona Blend Coffee Set of 6
Original price: $53.94

The finest coffee aficionado knows that it's all about the flavor. Roasting coffee is a complex art, and we've done our best to gather the most delicious and perfectly roasted beans we can find. Whether it's our own World Market label coffee or one of the fine roasters we feature, you can rest assured that our coffee selection will give you exactly the pick-me-up needed with bold and delicious flavor to boot.

Choose from flavored coffees that perfectly suit the season like Pumpkin Spice or Bourbon Pecan, or go for the classic French. You can add one of our sweet syrups to your beverage to take it the extra mile. We've got big and bold roasts alongside light and bright roasts. The coffee masters at Lavazza, Café du Monde and Illy offer their finest selections at our stores and online as well. And if you're an espresso-lover, our assortment can meet those needs as well, right down to the perfect espresso machine or coffee maker. Our coffee mug choices are legendary, and we even have cute little containers for your cream and sugar.

And don't forget the cold brew and slow brew methods! Coffee innovations are happening all the time, and we will be right there, bringing you everything you need for your best coffee-drinking experience.