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Explore clever canisters and stylish jars in every size and shape. Our storage containers keep the kitchen organized without breaking the budget.

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Mepal Green Ellipse Lunch Pot
Mepal White Ellipse Lunch Pot
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Mepal Green Ellipse Duo Salad Box
Mepal Dark Blue Ellipse Fruit and Veggie Pot
Mepal Dark Blue Midi Bento Lunch Box
Large Mepal Green Bento Lunch Box
Dash Blue Meal Prep Bento Box Containers 10 Piece Set
Stasher Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bags Set of 3
Stasher Reusable Silicone Snack Bags Set of 3
Stasher Reusable Silicone Pocket Size Storage Bags 2 Pack
Mini Madesmart® 2 Tier Storage Bin Organizer with Dividers
Wide Madesmart® Clear Deep Storage Bin
Narrow Madesmart® Clear Deep Storage Bin
Kilner Glass Jar Food On the Go Set
Kilner Glass Honey Pot And Beechwood Dipper Set
Kilner Glass Jar With Shaker Lid
Kilner Glass Jar Fermentation Kit
Indigo Blue Metal Tea Storage Box with Glass Lid
Good Morning Sunshine Ceramic Coffee Canister
Small Marble Pattern Ceramic Storage Canister
Small Glass Jaipur Storage Containers Set of 2
Bormioli Rocco Moresca Bottle
Bormioli Rocco Swing Bottle
Green Glass Sienna Oil Bottle

Whether it's for food prep, entertaining or cleaning up, our storage containers keep the kitchen affordably organized. Combine function and style with our modular kitchen storage ideas. This customizable unit has various attachments so you can pick the functions that work for you. Add a spice rack, towel bar, mug hooks, wine rack, knife storage and more. Or, go for a more retro look with glass jars and canisters that add tons of charm to your kitchen. Express your holiday cheer with ceramic cookie jars like a snowman, nutcracker or candy cane truck. Create a more rustic, outdoor feel with our collection of ceramic animal inspired accessories, like a salt and pepper shaker set, sugar pot or butter dish. Show off your design style while concealing the extra clutter with our large collection of food storage containers from breadboxes to tea tins. See-through glass containers with lids let you know from a glance when it's time to restock. Leftover boxes and to-go containers let you store your dinner in the fridge and turn it into tomorrow's lunchtime treat. Our collection of mason jars double as the best in preserving homemade jams, sauces and vinegars, while our glass bottles are ideal for serving olive oil, wine or even homemade Limoncello at the table. Explore our collection of kitchen favorites as a gift to yourself or that special person you love who could use a little help organizing their kitchen.

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