Tea Infusers

What's better than a teabag steeping in your favorite cup, mug or teapot? A fragrant cup of loose-leaf tea brewed with our simple and whimsical tea infusers. Choose from silicone, gold and stainless steel.

Gamago Sombrewo Tea Infuser
Fred Como Tea Llama Silicone Tea Infuser
Blue Peacock Gold Mesh Ball Tea Infuser
Owl Gold Mesh Ball Tea Infuser
Llama Gold Mesh Ball Tea Infuser
Black Cat Gold Mesh Ball Tea Infuser
Pug in a Mug Silicone Tea Infuser
Pink Flamingo Silicone Tea Infuser
Pink Flamingo Silicone Tea Infuser
Glass Infuser Teapot
Total Tea Infuser
Mesh Hanging Tea Infuser
In Store Only
Stainless Steel Teapot Tea Infuser

Take your afternoon tea up a notch with our whimsical and chic tea infusers. Classic mesh tea infusers are a staple of any tea lover's home, but a deep basket tea brewer with a gold finish makes you feel like royalty while sipping from your mug. Make teatime more playful with our adorable selection of silicone animal-shaped tea infusers. Select from a “manatea,” “kittea” cat, pug in a mug or a variety of other fun animals. They make a great gift for tea and animal lovers alike.

This spring, try a playful tea party for hosting the next book club, birthday or ladies-only brunch. Pick up a beautifully crafted kettle and teapot plus a few herbal teas from our vast global selection. Shop for your favorite accompaniments like shortbreads, biscuits and jams from the U.K. or other cookies and wafers of your liking. World Market makes it easy and affordable to enjoy your favorite things.

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