Coffee and Tea Accessories

Our hot selection of global coffee mugs, coffee cups, tea cups, tea pots, tea kettles and coffee makers is made to last and priced to please.

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Capresso Electric Water Kettle
Light Green Embossed Cast Iron Teapot
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Glass Infuser Teapot
Brushed Copper Tea Kettle With Rubber Base
Black Hammered Stainless Steel Tea Kettle
Chemex 8 Cup Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker
Chemex 8 Cup Glass Handle Pour Over Coffee Maker
Bodum Brazil 3 Cup French Press and Travel Mug 4 Piece Set
Bodum Java 8 Cup French Press and Travel Mug 2 Piece Set
Sentiment Tea Rests Set of 3
Cat Ceramic Tea Rests Set of 3
Acacia Wood Tea Storage Box
Ivory Enamel Tea Kettle
Perfectly Brewed Stainless Steel Teapot
Indigo Blue Metal Tea Storage Box with Glass Lid
Glass 2 in 1 Ice Drip and Cold Brew Coffee Carafe
Stainless Steel Cone Pour Over Coffee Filter
White Faceted Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Dripper
Blown Glass Pour Over Coffee Carafe and Filter Set
Blown Glass Pour Over Coffee Carafe and Filter Set
Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Burr Electric Coffee Mill
Glass and Steel Cold Brew Coffee Infuser Carafe
Mini Black Metal Gooseneck Milk Pitcher
Bamboo Matcha Green Tea Whisk
Brushed Copper French Press Coffee Maker

Whether you start your day off with a cup of java or enjoy an afternoon tea, our assortment of coffee makers, slow brewers, teapots and kettles, tea infusers and more will help make your coffee or tea break one of the most pleasant parts of your day! Take your senses on a trip while brewing fresh coffee in one of our Turkish ibrik coffee makers, Italian stovetop espresso makers or a classic French press. Or maybe a single serve, pour-over, Chemex or drip coffee maker is more your style. Decide to savor your mornings or your mid-afternoon break with a slow brew.

Infuse your coffee and tea time with a touch of style - shop our unique selection of coffee and tea accessories at affordable prices. Serve sugar and creamer in our chic bowls, and host a modern tea party. You don't have to host a party, though, to take your afternoon tea up a notch. With our assortment of whimsical tea infusers, it's simple. Find classic mesh infusers, of course, but you can discover a deep basket tea brewer with a gold finish that will make you feel like royalty while sipping from your mug. We also have mugs and carafes to let you indulge on the go! Shop our assortment of beautifully crafted kettles and global teapots to find the one that best suits your kitchen style and decor. Choose a classic stainless steel kettle to boil water or add rustic charm with a cast iron teapot. Eclectic, authentic and affordable, our coffee and tea accessories promise a pleasurable experience any time of day.

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