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Slow Brew

Sit back and enjoy the aroma. Savor a cup of slow brew coffee made with premium tools like a vintage-style grinder and a pour-over drip stand, a Chemex, a stovetop espresso maker or a French press. Keep coffee simple and brewed to perfection.
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Slow down your mornings and enjoy your mid-afternoon break with a slow brew coffee maker. Create a cup that's exactly suited to your preference and highlights the unique flavors of your favorite coffee.

With so many different coffee makers out there, choosing the best option can seem daunting. We recommend picking one based on the qualities of your coffee. For beans with bright, fruity notes like our varieties from Ethiopia and Kenya, a Chemex is a superb choice. It combines a pour-over filter cone with a clear glass decanter and produces a clean and balanced cup. A French press with a mesh plunger results in a full and thick brew, ideal for darker roasts like our coffees from Sumatra or Brazil. The AeroPress is compact, easy, and virtually indestructible, making it great for traveling. Inspired by the design of the French press, yet able to handle complex coffees, it pairs nicely with our beans from Costa Rica, Kenya, Ethiopia and Hawaii. And if you're an espresso fiend, a stovetop moka pot is just the thing. Simply fill the bottom with water, add a few scoops of our Italian or Colombian blends in the middle, and enjoy as you hear the coffee bubbling its way up.

Savor your cup o' joe in a mug or travel cup from our unique assortment. Top it off with warm frothy milk, enjoy it black, or add a pinch of sweetener - it's up to you! Our sugar bowls and creamers and other coffee accessories let you settle down to enjoy every sip.