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Create springtime freshness in your home and garden all year round with chic planters. For an affordable update to your decor, choose cement, ceramic or earthenware planters in vibrant colors and stylish designs to house your plants.
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Explore charming indoor and outdoor planting solutions that bring a breath of fresh air to your house plants or backyard. Planters can liven up a room and lend rustic or modern appeal to your greenery. For a new twist on wall art, use ceramic planters in fun shapes like teardrops or geometric designs to showcase your air plants or succulents. Select faceted planters in small and large sizes that look stunning mixed and matched on your coffee table or as a dining room table centerpiece. Make a fresh and affordable update to your patio garden with oblong planters or earthenware pots.

Spice up your kitchen with herbs and spices grown in zesty coordinating planters. With our planting kits, making a kitchen garden is as simple as opening a box. Create a zen vibe in your bedroom or bathroom with an air-cleaning plants and the clean, neutral tones of a contemporary planter. Short on space? Discover our uniquely crafted planters designed for growing small indoor fauna so you can showcase your green thumb and chic style. Decorating with plants takes your decor to the next level and our selection makes it simple and affordable.