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Spice Jars

Tidy up your spice rack while preserving paprika, turmeric, salt, pepper and all of your whole or ground spices with our assortment of spice jars, available in an array of styles to match your kitchen and pantry decor.
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Discover an array of jars to keep your most precious kitchen prize fresh – your spices. We have glass jars with clamp lids, available in two sizes to help organize your spice rack and keep your secret BBQ seasoning fresh week after week. Add a pop of color with our aqua, red, green or white ceramic tops to preserve your turmeric with an airtight seal. Head down to your local farmer's market with our round jars, great for storing fresh herbs and spices. They will even preserve the brightness of your tea while adding a chic factor to your pantry. Find glass jars with silicone seals to maintain the potency and lock in the freshness of your cinnamon and paprika. Once you've collected and stored your favorite and essential spices, shop for a spice rack that blends with your kitchen decor. From rustic finishes to vintage style designs, our affordable selection lets you show off your spices in style. Our modular kitchen storage even lets you build your own! If you love to cook every day, try our hammered stainless steel spice box, modeled on the traditional Indian masala dabba. With seven herb cups, it keeps your spices fresh and close by for cooking. Discover yummy recipes to stay inspired with any of our drink and food recipes.