Modern Sprout Indoor Palm Tree Mason Jar Growing Kit

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Why We Love It
This incredible mason jar growing kit includes everything you need to sprout a baby palm indoors, a self-watering tree in a cool retro planter jar. Utilizing a porous growing medium and a wick that transports nutrients as needed, you only need to provide water and a sunny window for this year-round hydroponic system to thrive. When it's time you can transplant the biodegradable pot to your backyard or patio garden.
  • Crafted of glass
  • Kit includes non-GMO palm seeds, pint-sized mason jar, recycled-glass growing medium, coco husk net pot, coco pith disk, polypro wick, plant food, activated carbon and instructions
  • Soak palm seeds 14-28 days before sprouting
  • After sprouting indoors, biodegradable pot can be transferred to garden or patio container
  • Jar: 3.5"Dia. x 5.5"H