Hario V60 Size 02 Coffee Dripper and Range Server Set

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Why We Love It
Our Hario coffee set is an exceptional value designed to introduce you to the best pour over experience available. It includes a white ceramic coffee dripper with a cone-shaped design for maximum airflow, a heatproof glass range server and paper filters. Crafted in Japan, the V60 line is favored by cafe baristas and home connoisseurs alike for its refinement of form, ease of use and superior results.
  • Crafted of ceramic, borosilicate glass and polypropylene
  • Set includes ceramic dripper, glass ranger server and paper coffee filters
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  • Available in additional styles, sold separately
  • Dripper: 4.64"Dia. x 4.56"H
  • Range server: 5.11"Dia. x 5.98"H, 20.29 oz capacity