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Take a Taste Tour of Sicily

The largest island in the Mediterranean is home to rich culture and abundant crops, making it a food paradise! Enjoy these flavors at home with a handpicked selection from our Sicilian brand partners.


This family-owned company in Ragusa is the largest producer of cherry tomatoes on the island. Using recipes handed down from generation to generation, Agromonte makes a variety of veggie-packed sauces that takes bruschetta, pizza and pasta to the next level.

Bono Sicilian EVOO

Established in 1934 in the Sciacca region, Bono is the largest miller of extra-virgin olive oil in Sicily. This is another family-owned company —— Mama even lives in an apartment above the olive mill so she can keep an eye on everything!

Planeta Wines

The Planeta family takes advantage of the diversity of soils, climates and elevations in Sicily to produce a variety of wines at five separate wineries. Sustainability is core to Planeta, implemented through their use of solar energy, recycling and reuse.

Polara Sicilian Sodas

Now in its third generation of soda making, the Polara family continues to craft traditional soft drinks made from high quality Sicilian citrus juices and natural flavoring. Polara sodas use pure sugar and no artificial sweeteners or coloring.


A leader in cured anchovies and sardines, Scalia keeps ancient traditions alive by using time-honored preservation processes. The fish is hand cleaned, salted and placed in weighted tins for eight weeks. After curing, the fish is washed and sealed into cans and jars⁠—again, all by hand. And yes, Scalia is also a family-owned and managed company!


Settesoli is a cooperative of 2,000 Sicilian farmers who share their age-old secrets and family traditions to make a variety of quality wines. Each wine captures the tastes, essence and soul of the various microclimates and regions of Sicily.

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