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Thanksgiving on a Board Recipe

Greet your hungry guests with an abundant charcuterie, cheese and snack board designed to please even the pickiest palates.

By World Market Editorial |

Prep Time: 20 min.

Cook Time: n/a

Total Time: 20 min.

Servings: 6



Volpi Sopressa Salami, pre-sliced

Volpi Coppa, pre-sliced

Volpi Prosciutto, pre-sliced

Volpi Chorizo, pre-sliced

6 oz. Northwoods Garden Veggie Cheese

6 oz. Northwoods Smoked Roasted Garlic Cheese

Glacier Ridge Farms Garlic Cheese

20.5 oz. jar Torremar Red Pepper Stuffed Queen Olives

20.5 oz. jar Torremar Garlic Stuffed Olives

12.3 oz. jar Domaine Des Vignes Cornichons

13 oz. jar World Market® Brand Cranberry Plum Relish

13 oz. jar World Market® Brand Fig Orange Fruit Spread

2.5 oz bag Moose Munch Cranberry Almond Popcorn

10 oz. package World Market® Brand Sea Salt and Rosemary Flatbread

Tarallini Classic Crackers, set of 4

4 oz. box Macy's Cheddar Cheese Sticks

8 oz. bag World Market® Brand Sweet and Salty Cinnamon Praline Almonds

World Market® Brand Roasted and Salted Fancy Cashews

Savanah Bee Company Raw Acacia Honeycomb

seasonal fruits and vegetables

additional cheeses such as Brie or fresh goat cheese

seasonal herbs for garnish


1. Lay out all of your ingredients. Choose a board and small bowls. Wash or cut any fruits and vegetables. Slice the cheese and drain the olives.

2. Arrange your charcuterie. Fold round pieces like salami and chorizo in thirds for a "rose" effect and drape thinner slices like prosciutto and coppa.

3. Next, arrange your cheeses. You may choose to leave your cheeses whole for guests to cut or slice them yourself.

4. Next, stagger your bowls of jams on the board. Put the honeycomb in a shallow dish or right on the board if you don't mind the honey dripping a little.

5. Arrange any crackers or other crunchy snacks directly on the board or in bowls.

6. Arrange the bowls of olives, pickles and nuts. You may also choose to put handfuls directly on the board.

7. Finally, fill in empty spots with fruits, vegetables and any other cheeses or snacks you would like. Push together any ingredients to make room—it's good if they touch!

8. Tuck herbs into empty pockets, give everything one last adjustment.

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