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All About EVOO: An Olive Oil Primer

With so many different types of olive oil available, choosing the right ones for specific dishes can seem overwhelming. Here's a little guide to the EVOO varietals and blends we recommend for getting the most out of their flavors.

World Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottles on counter
World Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle on counter

World Market® Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our private label EVOO is well rounded and versatile. Perfect for everyday use, it's ideal for baking, sauteing, sauces, vinaigrettes and marinades. This staple olive oil is a Mediterranean blend bottled in Italy, with a mild flavor and a ripe olive and apple aroma.

Portuguese and Greek Olive Oil bottles shown for dipping with bread


You can use any EVOO for dipping, but we chose two distinct flavors here for variety. Olive oil from Portugal offers a full-bodied and earthy profile for a stronger flavor. We add red pepper for extra punch. Greek olive oil's fruity and herbal flavor is also wonderful for dipping; we accented that oil with herbs and garlic.

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle shown with roasted vegetable platter


For oven roasting meats and veggies, any type of EVOO will work, but we chose our Italian bottle for its more robust and peppery profile. Using a blend of Coratina and Ogliarola olives from southern Italy, this oil also works beautifully for salad dressings and on bruschetta.

Olive oil cake with bottle of Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Since EVOO is one of the healthiest oils, it's a terrific option for cakes, cookies and breads. For the cake pictured, we chose olive oil from Spain for its mild and buttery flavor profile. When adding to baked goods, you don't want the olive oil flavor to take over and overwhelm.

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