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Turkey Napkin-Folding Tutorial



1. Middle Ground

Fold the top right and left corners so they meet in the middle.

2. Make Your Point

Make a second fold to meet in the middle.

3. ...And Once More

Then fold again to meet in the middle to make a funnel shape.

4. Body Check

Fold the top to form the “body” so the tip is facing the other way but not touching the edge of the other side. Fold the tip down to create a “beak”. Then, form “feathers” with an accordion-style napkin fold.

5. Feather Report

For the feathers, take a second napkin and form a long rectangle. Start your napkin folding like an accordion. Turn the napkin over so the accordion bit faces down.

6. So Easy!

Then, fold it in half.

7. Scrunch Time

Your napkin should look like an accordion once you let go of the folds. Place the accordion section behind the “neck” of the turkey and on top of the “body.”

8. Wattle Surprise!

Your napkin folding artwork is complete. Watch your guests flock to your fun and festive Thanksgiving table.

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