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Make This: Easy Faux Succulent Wreath


What you will need

An assortment of faux succulents and faux air plants
A glue gun and a few glue sticks
A premade wreath
Cutting pliers


1. Prep Your Plants

Prepare faux plants by dismantling from surface if necessary. Trim down any long stems.

2. Perfect Placement

Start laying out the plants to design a nice visual before applying glue.

3. Make It Stick

Once satisfied with your layout, you can begin gluing on your faux plants.

4. Make It Stay

Hold down each plant after gluing so it adheres to your wreath. Use caution with the hot glue.

5. Finishing Touches

Check for any empty spots and fill in with leftover faux plants if necessary. We added the faux air plants at the end because they make great space fillers.

6. Display Away

Hang on your front door, entryway wall or display on a mantel or shelf for a touch of greenery year-round!

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