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Make a Boho Pendant Lamp for Under $50

Finished pendant lamp

Make It in a Flash

This gorgeous lamp is super easy to make and requires only a few supplies! When you're done, you'll have a unique piece of home decor.

Basket, pendant swag kit and lightbulb

What You'll Need

Small Natural Seagrass Open Weave Dakota Basket
Gold Electrical Cord Swag Kit
X-acto knife or sharp knife
Type A 40-watt maximum or equivalent lightbulb

Basket showing hole cut; swag kit and blade

Step 1: Trace & Cut

Turn your basket face down and using the electrical cord kit as a guide, trace around the area where the lightbulb attaches to the cord kit. Cut circle using X-acto knife. Make sure the hole is small enough so that your cord won't slip through the basket once hung.

Partly constructed lamp tilted sideways on floor

Step 2: Insert Cord Kit

Insert your cord kit through the hole and screw in your lightbulb so everything feels secure.

Finished pendant lamp hanging and turned on

Step 3: Hang It Up

Depending on where you plan to hang your pendant light, you may need to gather additional installation materials. Here, Jessica installed her lamp using a ceiling hook and on-wall cord raceway to hide the cord.

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