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DIY Halloween Ghost String Lights

Simple Spooky Decor

These ghost string lights are easy to make and create an amazing backdrop for a party, fun mantel decor and can even be put outside to welcome trick-or-treaters!

What You'll Need:

bulb string lights
1 yard white gauze fabric
a black marker

Step 1. Cut Out Ghosts

Cut the fabric into 10 equal squares about 10” wide—it’s okay if they aren’t perfect.

Step 2. Cut Center Slits

Cut a small slit in the very center of each piece of fabric.

Step 3. Draw Ghostly Eyes

Lay the fabric flat and draw two eyes within 1/2"—1 1/2" away from the slit.

Step 4. Bulbs + Fabric = Ghosts

Unscrew one of the bulb lights and place the fabric over the screw threads of the bulb.

Step 5. Keep on Ghostin'

Screw the bulb back into place and repeat with the remaining lights.

Step 6. BOO!

Hang your ghost string lights and enjoy!

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