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Make It Bloom: Flower Bulb Mason Jars

Easy Indoor Blooms

Looking for a fun DIY to beautify your home or for a thoughtful gift? Make this simple craft—a mason jar that houses a soon-to-bloom flower bulb!

What You'll Need:

mason jars
flower bulbs (pink calla lilies, purple hyacinths, tulips, or daffodils)
soil (choose a variety with good moisture control)
ribbon or raffia
gift tag
Notes: Bulbs need to be chilled in order to force growth out of season. If you don’t have time to put the bulbs through a chilling period yourself (this can take a few weeks, depending on the bulb variety), buy pre-chilled bulbs from a local or online nursery.

Step 1. Open Up

Open your mason jar.

Step 2. Rock & Roll

Pour rocks inside jar.

Step 3. Get Dirty

Cover rocks with soil.

Step 4. Plant Away

Place bulb in the center of soil; cover with more soil. Don’t be afraid to plant more bulbs than you need! Some bulbs will not grow at the same rate and may not even grow at all. Planting extra bulbs will make sure you end up with the perfect one.

Step 5. Add Greenery

Place moss over dirt.

Step 6. Make It Personal

Make a name or gift tag and tie it around the neck of the jar with ribbon or raffia.
Watch your flower bulb grow over the next few weeks and be patient. It takes time for bulbs to flower. The exact amount of time will be dependent on the bulb choice. Make sure to set the bulbs in a temperate room where there is indirect light and water as needed.

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