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Christmas Tree Napkin-Folding Tutorial


What you will need

Green linen napkin
Cinnamon stick
Star anise


1. It Takes Two

Fold the napkin in half two times.

2. Make a Point

Place the napkin with the open point pointing toward you.

3. Peek a Boo

Fold the first flap up to the top point and repeat with all other flaps. Leave a little fabric showing between each fold.

4. Flip Out

Carefully flip over the folded side so you now see the smooth side.

5. Meet in the Middle

Pull both corners in to meet each other in the middle. Once done, flip back over.

6. Repeat Business

Begin folding each point under the fold above it, we started at the top. Repeat for all flaps.

7. Tree Trimming

Set on place setting and add a cinnamon stick for the “trunk” and a star anise to top it off!

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