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All About Succulents

Our infographic makes it easy to ensure your succulents survive and thrive.

Care and Feeding of Succulents

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Care and Feeding of Succulents

As far as great greenery goes, succulents are about as low-maintenance as can be. But even these power plants have their quirks. Our at-a-glance guide takes the guesswork out of growing satisfied succulents in any environment.

Potting Particulars
Activated Charcoal
Charcoal absorbs toxic chemicals in the soil, water and air that can build up inside your terrarium or potted succulent.

A layer of rocks is required for adequate drainage, and it protects against the risk of plant roots rotting in case you overwater.

Terrarium soil should be high in organic matter. Packaged potting soil is often all you need for healthy, thriving succulents.

Select Your Succulent

Rose Quartz Cactus
These prickly picks do well in succulent gardens or on a window sill. They like fast-draining soil, bright light and exposure to full or half-day sun. Water only when the soil is dry to the touch.

Also known as Air Plants, Tillasandia require filtered light and twice-a-week misting. Do not keep your air plants in wet or standing water.

Octopus Agave
These be-tentacled beauties love exposure to full sun, but they also thrive in partial shade. Water 1-2 times a month during the summer, and make sure the soil is soft and well-drained.

Sunset Aloe
Place your aloe in the kitchen away from direct sunlight for easy access. Water thoroughly, but then allow the soil to dry (a good standard is 1- to 2-inches deep between waterings) to discourage rot. Water less during winter months. Fun fact: Aloe cuttings can be used for relief from cuts and burns.

Watch Chain
We love how this Watch Chain’s delicate tendrils spill out of a pot, creating a sense of abundance and whimsy. Water once a month and watch it thrive in full sun.

Does it get any easier than this? Water your Pachyveria lightly when soil is dry to the touch. Requires light, fast-draining soil.

Kiwi Perennial
These happy-looking blooms do well with light water and exposure to direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day.

Ghost Plant
Unlike the otherworldly entities for which this plant is named, this drought-tolerant plant thrives in bright sunlight. Place it outdoors or in a window where it will receive full or half-day sun.

Senecio Haworthii
The wooly look of Senecio Haworthii comes to life when you water once a month and a little more frequently in July, August and September. Avoid fungal attacks by making sure that the soil is soft and well-drained.