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Bunny Ear Napkin-Folding Tutorial


What you will need

One Cotton Napkin


1. Start Simply

Start by folding your napkin in thirds. The napkin should be perfectly pressed.

2. Make a Packet

Fold the ends down over the middle, then tuck the corners up to create a diamond shape. The napkin tends to want to reopen, so make sure you press the creases down hard.

3. Be Firm

Fold the corners once more inward toward the middle to create an elongated diamond. Once again, press hard.

4. Practice, Practice

Flip it over, and tuck in the top crease. It may take a few tries to get it just right.

5. Ears the Next Step

Flip over again, and tuck the corners in again to create a base for the ears.

6. Bunny Business

Fluff the ears and place on your dinner plates!

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