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Two Easter Egg DIYs

What you will need

Gold Foil Easter Eggs
Food coloring
boiled eggs
2-easter-egg-diys gold foil
bowl of water
adhesive and foam brush Blue and green dyes
gold paint
boiled eggs and bowls


Step 1. To Dye For

Dye eggs various colors and allow to completely dry.

Step 2. Sticky Notes

Using a small sponge, apply a thin layer of adhesive in random strokes, taking care to not cover the entire egg in adhesive.

PRO TIP: Try altering the glue application by using various small strokes and dabs.

Step 3. Go for the Gold

Gently press a sheet of gold foil against the egg.

Step 4. Make it Neat

Using your hand, gently wipe away excess foil not adhered to the egg. Be careful not to wipe off the glued foil as it is not yet dried.

Step 5. Dry Time

Allow egg to dry completely.

Step 6. Repeat!

Repeat these eggs-act steps for as many eggs as you have in your basket!

PRO TIP: Once egg is completely dry, you can repeat the process to add more foiling if desired.

Step 1. True Blue

Dye eggs various shades of blue. Try mixing blue and green dyes for various turquoise colors.

Step 2. Get Some Air

Allow eggs to dry completely.

Step 3. Shell Game

Using a stiff paint brush or toothbrush, dip tool in paint (food grade or otherwise) and use finger to create a spray effect on egg.

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