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How to Throw a White Elephant Party
This fun holiday party game is great to play with family, friends and coworkers!
1. Set a gift price limit. Each person brings a wrapped gift (quirky or funny gifts are the most fun!)
2. The giver’s identity should stay a secret.
3. Number pieces of paper for each guest (got 15 guests? Use numbers 1-15.) Throw the pieces of paper in a bowl.
4. Ask each guest to pick a number. The person who picks "1" starts the game by choosing a wrapped gift and opening it — game on!
5. The person who picked "2" can then either "steal" the opened gift, or choose a new gift to open. If the first guest’s gift is stolen, they get to choose another from the pile.
6. Keep it up! Continue playing in numerical order so each guests gets to open or steal a gift.
7. Remember: Wait at least 1 turn before stealing a gift that was stolen from you!
8. After the last gift is opened, the first player has the option to steal one last time.
May you take home the best White Elephant gift!
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