What to Look for When Shopping for Cowhide Rugs

Decorating your home can be an exciting and fun endeavor, especially if you have the right accent pieces to make a room really stand out. Some people choose to add wall decor or colorful paint, while others may be interested in the bolder choice of adding a cowhide rug. These elevate the luxury and refinement of a room and help create the right tone for a space. Whether you want romance, whimsy, or just more warmth, cowhide rugs make a big impact.

By following the general rules in selecting a standard area rug, you can also learn the secret to choosing the best cowhide rug for your space. Before buying, you need to consider the size, color, and quality of the piece, though hair length also plays a role in selecting animal skin decor. Keep a few of the following tips in mind when you shop for a modern cowhide rug for your home.

Decide the Right Size for the Room

The size of the animal determines the shape and size of the cowhide rug. The lines and shape are unique, but most retailers have size ranges that help you make your decision. Before deciding to buy cowhide rugs, measure the space you want to decorate. Most decorators say that a rug needs to be proportional to the area you plan to decorate, meaning a smaller one is appropriate for a small room or small seating area, while a bigger one works better for a large and open living space. Though casual floor rugs certainly complement a room well, the distinctive shape and appearance of a cowhide rug make a room look unique.

Coordinate the Colors

The next step in selecting a cowhide rug is to select the color and pattern that works best in the space. For those who prefer a traditional Western style, you may want a spotted option, which is a Western staple since it is traditional and often comes in tricolor options. If you want to have a balance between western and more modern styles, gravitating towards a speckled pattern may be a good idea. A natural brindle cowhide rug comes in many colors and features striped and patchy patterns for a more sophisticated look, ideal for both the home and office.

The final option is a specialty rug. Some companies design rugs with exotic motifs and synthetic colors to make cowhide rugs adaptable to more varied and modern decor. Use one of these as the inspiration for decorating your room or design one that fits in well with the decor you already have in place.

The Differences Between Real and Faux Cowhide Rugs

Once you decide on the right colors and shape, you need to choose between a natural or faux cowhide rug. In addition to price, there are other differences to consider. 

Aroma: Your natural cowhide rug will smell like authentic leather since it uses real cowhide. If you don’t enjoy the smell of leather, a faux version without the aroma might be a more suitable choice.

Texture: In an authentic rug, the fur looks as shiny and healthy as the animal that produced it. On the back, it will have a soft and supple texture, which you only find with genuine leather. A faux rug will have a rougher backing, which could be beneficial if you plan to use it on a carpeted floor.

Cleaning: Natural cowhide is extremely durable, standing up to high traffic, stains, and spills. If you or a guest accidentally spills something, use a dry cloth to blot the spot immediately to reduce the risk of a permanent mark and of it soaking all the way through. Remove any remaining stains with a little mild dish soap and water or an enzyme cleaner if the stain happens to be biological. Synthetic or faux cowhide can be machine washable, depending on the construction.

Maintenance for a Cowhide Rug

Before you purchase, it is a good idea to make sure you understand the required maintenance of these rugs. One of the greatest traits of a cowhide rug is its durability, leaving you with little upkeep. This type of rug needs vacuuming a few times a month for the typical traffic that goes through your home, which is much less than what the average area rug needs.

Using a cowhide rug in your home creates a luxurious and refined ambiance, due to their unique appearance. Whether you choose to use the rug as the only cowhide accent, or you add other fur and hide decor, be bold in your interior design choices. Choose from a subtle pattern, big shapes, bold colors, subdued spots, and everything in between. With the distinctive look of each cowhide rug, all you need to do is decide which one you like the best.