What is Corporate Gifting? A Guide to Impressing Without Excess

What is corporate gifting? Well, this is an opportunity used by businesses to appreciate staff, connect with clients, and share in holiday cheer. With such a wide range of options to consider, finding the ideal corporate gifts for your clients and employees is simple. Remember, corporate gifts are more than just a token of appreciation; they also serve as excellent marketing tools when given to existing and prospective clients.

Important Considerations When Buying Corporate Gifts

It's important that you know the essentials of corporate gifting before setting out to find the right items for your staff and clients. Here are two important considerations to keep in mind when buying corporate gifts.

The Recipient

The importance of this can never be overstated. In today’s competitive business environment, employee and client satisfaction is imperative, and there is no better way of achieving this than by showing them that they matter. A gift that emphasizes a personal connection with the recipient is certainly going to make a lasting impression.

The Message You Wish to Convey

The ultimate goal of giving a corporate gift is to deliver a message to the recipient. From expressing appreciation to trying to close a deal or woo a customer, the specifics may vary; however, the overriding principle must remain the same. Regardless of who your recipient is, try to keep the message as professional as possible.

Types of Corporate Gifts

There are several types of corporate gifts to choose from, such as thank-you gifts, global picks, and gift baskets, to name a few categories. And within these types, you have a vast selection to decide on. Here are some ideas to think about.

Thank-You Gifts

Whether you want to show appreciation to a loyal employee or seal a business deal, a great way to express your gratitude is with creative thank-you gifts. Here are some of the corporate gift items that can help you say thank you to your staff, clients, and partners:


Terrariums make unique and natural corporate gift ideas. Featuring designs with a wide variety of live plants to freshen the atmosphere while creating a coastal look in your recipient’s living space, these unique corporate gifts are a lasting idea that keeps them thinking of you. Purchase terrariums for those clients and employees who deserve extra recognition.

Cookies and Chocolates

Say thank you to your staff and clients with chocolate and cookie boxes. These meticulously wrapped gifts suit almost any taste or budget. From gluten or sugar-free options to indulgent specialty items, a celebratory box of treats is an excellent corporate gift collection any time of the year.

Global Gifts

Establishing close-knit business relationships is a vital aspect of success for every organization, and presenting your clients and partners with global gifts is an excellent way of achieving this. They are appropriate for almost any occasion, be it corporate celebration, appreciation, promotion, or even motivation. Here are some of the top corporate global gift ideas for your consideration.

Handcrafted Coffee Tables

When looking for the perfect picks for loyal clients and partners, tribal carved wood accent tables or Cala hammered coffee tables are your solution. Handcrafted using the ancient Indian artisanry, these unique global selections feature designs that leave lasting impressions on your recipients’ living spaces.

Fun Games

Delight your people with creative corporate gifts that insert a little fun into the workday. Games like hand-painted chess sets provide a break from work tasks and still challenge the mind. Look for options with round cases that feature boards framed with meticulously textured henna motifs. These kinds of specialty items are sure to be a hit and are long-lasting presents that live in offices or homes.

Gift Baskets

Finding the ideal gift baskets for your workmates is quite easy. All you need to do is strike a balance between value, recipients' tastes and preferences, and creativity. Here are some thoughtful corporate gift basket ideas that will certainly create a lasting impression with the recipients.

Any-Occasion Gift Baskets

When you want to go beyond ordinary, send a basket of sweet and savory snacks to your favorite workmate. Stock it with chocolates, cookies, candies, nuts, popcorn, cheese, crackers, and crisps. This a thoughtful basket full of mouthwatering treats for any occasion.

Holiday Gift Baskets

If you are planning a year-end party at your workplace, there's no better way to send employees holiday greetings than with indulgent collections of gourmet treats that feature peppermint chocolate crunch bars, specialty chocolates, red velvet cookies, or candy cane caramels, to mention a few. Thoughtfully packaged in fun, themed containers, these corporate gift ideas are the perfect holiday season token of appreciation.

Corporate Gift Buying Summary

With so many ideas to consider, there are a number of general thoughts to keep in mind.

  • Give presents that have meaning, and do your best to find corporate picks that fit well within your company’s brand
  • Know your recipients by taking cultures, tastes, and preferences into consideration
  • Be original and have some fun by thinking outside the box
  • Have a budget and stick to it without compromising on quality; even on a tight budget, do not skimp on quality

  • Corporate gifting is an excellent opportunity to connect with your employees, business partners, and clients. Adopting an attitude of gratitude with excess makes the act of giving more fun and less stressful. Show appreciation to your staff, customers, and business partners with unique gifts.