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What a Jute Rug Is and How to Use One 

Jute offers a balance of durability and comfort. This natural fiber is strong enough to endure high-traffic areas but soft enough to use in a child's bedroom. Jute is typically associated with a rustic style, but it doesn't have to be that way. Some jute is woven from ultra-thin fibers to give a more polished look to the end product. Whatever way you use jute, you'll appreciate the material's innate UV resistance, making it color and light fast. That's why it's suitable for use as part of your patio decor or in any room that gets a lot of sunlight. For all of these reasons, when you're shopping for area rugs, consider jute.

Jute has other practical features as well, such as high tensile strength and a natural ability to insulate against sound and heat. It also has anti-static properties and is highly porous and breathable. Since it neither conducts heat nor retains it, it's a wise choice for locations such as beach houses, screened-in porches, and sunny verandas. It blends well with other natural fibers as well as synthetic ones. If treated with certain chemicals, it can resemble and be blended with wool. Since jute accepts most types of dye, it comes in a broad range of colors.

Natural Makeup 

Jute is environmentally friendly to grow, in part because it's responsive to crop rotation techniques that make soil reusable, which is an important component of sustainable farming methods. Growing it is good for soil, enriching it with micronutrients for improved sustainability. Similarly, jute is biodegradable, so when it's discarded, it breaks down easily, also leaving micronutrients behind. It usually doesn't require fertilizer or pesticide to grow well, so the environmental cost of producing this fiber is relatively low.

You can capitalize on the natural eco-friendliness of jute by using classic jute products in your decor to create a romantically retro or vintage look. For example, reuse jute sacks from old sandbags to create throw pillows, or repurpose old jute feed bags as charming curtains for a small window. Jute's porous construction invites you to embellish it with yarn or thread in embroidered patterns or monograms. A home jute rug provides an environmentally friendly floor cover.

Colors and Textures 

When you're looking for rugs, jute options abound. Jute's natural color is often golden—part of why it's called the golden fiber—or white, but it dyes very well, so you can find it in just about any color you want. It's shiny and silky, though jute rugs can be either smooth or rough textured. This versatile material works well in many decor styles. Here are some ways to incorporate it into your favorite look:

Style Colors Textures
Coastal or beach-themed Natural white  Bulky boucle or rich woven designs that evoke seagrass
Farm or country chic Natural golden Rustic textures reminiscent of traditional feed sacks and other farm fabrics
Modern Natural or dyed in a bold, contemporary hue Ultra-smooth jute with a subtle or dramatic woven pattern

How to Use It in Any Room

Jute's versatility means you can find a rug in this material for any room in your home or office. 

RoomPlacement Tips
Living roomAnchor your living room furniture with a jute rug large enough to go under the furniture completely. Use the rug on its own, or embellish it with additional small rugs to add pop.
BedroomA jute rug works well at the end of the bed or under a vanity bench. For children, a jute rug can also become a mat for playtime.
HallwayJute rug runners complement most hallways and entryways. For longer hallways, use more than one runner to emphasize the elongated design. Rectangular rugs look especially good alongside sideboards.
OfficeFor rolling desk chairs, cotton jute rugs can provide an even, smooth surface for wheels. 

Helpful Accessories 

Secure your jute rug with a rug pad. This helps prevent it from slipping on the floor and makes it safer to walk on. For a snug fit, trim the pad so that it perfectly matches the dimensions of the rug. To keep a jute woven area rug in place, grip tape may also help. 

Invest in a few simple items to keep your jute rug looking its best. A soft-bristle brush is a must for spot cleaning spills, allowing you to buff the stain out of the fiber before it sets. A dry powder designed to keep carpets clean can help keep your jute rug smelling and looking fresh.

A myriad of color, texture, and padding options give this natural material a fresh sense of style. Play up jute's attributes by accessorizing with other natural materials, including burlap, unfinished or partially finished wood, driftwood, dried herbs and flowers, and beach pebbles. Shop now to find the best jute rugs to complete your home's look.