What Is a Gift Card? A How-To Guide for Gift Card Buying

Buying a present for a major event feels like a big responsibility sometimes, and you've likely found yourself asking, "What is a gift card, and is it a suitable choice for this occasion?" This item is flexible enough to work in many different settings and occasions, and going this route can really save you a lot of time. Still wondering if a card is the way to go for this particular recipient? Use these gift card tips to guide your decision.

Buying Gift Cards for the Right People

There are many situations that call for the advantages that gift cards offer. You know your family well, so you know the ones who are hard to shop for. If you have a family member with very particular tastes, this option could be your saving grace. They're also a convenient choice for those you don't know well. Rather than giving a present that could collect dust in storage, buy gift cards and let them pick out what they want. If you have a relative who seems to already have everything, a card is a way to show your appreciation without giving something that they already have.

Friends also love gift card advantages and flexibility. You might have a shopping buddy, the first one you hit up when you need some retail therapy. Gift cards are the obvious choice here. Toss a few more in the cart for your picky friends and new acquaintances. Those in the first category like choosing their own home decor items, and you might not know those in the second group well enough to pick a physical item.

Finish buying for the miscellaneous people on your list with cards. From coworkers and bosses to kids' teachers and secret Santa recipients, this route ticks the box for people you have to buy gifts for but don't necessarily know well enough to select personalized items.

Benefits of Gift Cards

Enjoy a number of gift card advantages when you do your shopping this way. A card is one of the most diverse presents out there. No matter who you're buying for, nearly everyone loves the fun of shopping for free with gift cards.

This choice is the ideal mix of personalized and general presents. It's personal enough to show that you've thought about where your recipients like to shop, but general enough that they have the freedom to pick their own goods. They can use your present to pick up everything from decor and stationery to food and possibly wine.

Nothing beats the convenience of gift cards. There's no comparison shopping and no waiting for sales. Just order online or grab them in person and you're ready to go. If you're sending well wishes across state lines, consider the benefits of the cards. They're easy and affordable to send in situations where mailing physical packages could be very costly.

When to Use Different Types of Gift Cards

With standard and holiday card designs, tailor the presents you give for each occasion. Consider gift cards for any time of year when your recipients get lots of presents at once. In these situations, people are likely to end up with doubles and fixing this takes time and effort. Instead, let them pick out any decor, foreign food, or high-end beverage that makes them happy.

Cards are an excellent option for birthday gifts. The giftee gets to extend their birthday celebration a little bit longer by shopping for themselves with their gift cards.

You can buy gift cards for weddings, the holidays, and graduations, as well. Newlyweds can bond while selecting their first piece of furniture together, and most people love the thrill of post-holiday sales with fresh gift cards in hand. After graduation, send grads off to their first dorm room or home with a handcrafted piece of furniture purchased with your present. If someone has been there for you through hard times or helped you succeed, show your gratefulness with thank-you gifts that include a heartfelt note and gift certificate.

Shopping With Gift Cards

The sky's the limit when it comes to using this versatile item. Recipients can unwind with high-end bath and home spa items, from scented salts and soaps to face masks and lotions. They can relax with their favorite drink or alcohol-themed accessories. If food is their favorite way to treat themselves, they can swipe their card to pay for yummy snacks, quality cookware, or spice sets. Some recipients choose to up their home furnishing game with handcrafted furniture, decor, and candles.

Simplify Shopping With Gift Cards

Perhaps you have multiple people to buy for, your mind is completely out of ideas, or you left shopping to the very last possible minute. In all of these cases, you can buy gift cards to take the load off your shoulders and check another item off your to-do list. With this present, know that you're getting something that your friends and loved ones will love instead of wondering if they're going to ask for a gift receipt.

Cards are an excellent addition to other presents. If you have chosen gift sets for a special occasion and you want to top them off, try a gift certificate.

These types of gift cards are a simple way to streamline your shopping, accommodate everyone's tastes and preferences, and make the buying process fast and stress-free. Give the people in your life choices with gift cards.