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Love in Paradise: Wedding Gift Ideas for a Destination Wedding

A wedding is a beautiful way for two people to show their devotion to each other, and it symbolizes the beginning of a new era. When you receive an invitation to a wedding, the event often takes place at a nearby church or venue. It’s easy to find the perfect wedding gift ideas to go with traditional weddings. However, a destination wedding is an entirely different experience, especially for wedding gifts.

Attending a destination wedding is like a vacation to celebrate your friend or family member's marriage. You go somewhere exotic that gets everyone in the mood for the upcoming nuptials as you enjoy the atmosphere. Due to the long trek, most couples give small souvenirs or presents to the attendees to thank them for the time and money it took to get to the location. However, it’s your responsibility to seek out a wedding gift that properly conveys your appreciation for the change in your everyday routine. You need to figure out how to choose a wedding gift for such a special location.

Check the Registry First 

The first thing you should do when you look to find ideas is check the wedding registry. Most couples decide to create a registry to give you and other guests a list of wedding gifts they want or need for their home. If you buy a present off the registry, other guests cannot make the same purchase, which means that the couple won’t end up with the same gift multiple times. This list inspires other wedding gift ideas, in case you see a present that they didn’t put down, but pairs well with the requested items, like a bottle of wine with the wine glasses they chose or flowers to go with the selected vase. You can also check out a top 10 wedding gift list to get further inspiration. 

An Ode to the Celebration 

If the couple doesn’t have a registry, or other guests have claimed all the items, you need to come up with a creative wedding gift idea on your own. Since the wedding takes place in such a beautiful place, take your ideas from the ambiance. Even though the bride and groom usually open the wedding gifts at home after the honeymoon, your present reminds them of how thankful and excited you were to attend. You have the chance to find something local or to give a gift that travels easily.

When you shop for wedding gift ideas before you arrive at the destination, learn about the local cuisine or about the activities the couple has planned. These small details give you the insight you need to make a choice for the present. For example, if the couple marries in Hawaii, there are many Asian influences in the culture, so find decor items in a similar style to show your interest in the location. Equally, if someone chooses to go to the Caribbean, look up practical wedding gifts, like an adapter for electrical outlets. For couples that enjoy a good party, find a wedding gift set that helps them celebrate anytime.

A Small Token of Appreciation 

With the added cost of attending a destination wedding, some couples don’t ask for anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your appreciation for their invitation and accommodations. Since the couple traditionally covers the cost for all the accommodations and even the food during the trip, your list of wedding gift options is limited. A thank-you card with a gift certificate for dining out or even to contribute to their honeymoon fund helps offset the money they spent.

If all else fails, research several types of wine as your wedding gift to see what suits the couple for their honeymoon. Wine is a symbol of good fortune for the couple, though you may need to consult with them to determine what kind they prefer. A red wine has the robust flavor that appeals to some palates while others prefer white wine.

A destination wedding gives you the chance to go on a vacation for a few days, celebrating the love of your friends or family while enjoying a place you wouldn’t normally go on your own. Since most couples wait to open their presents, consider sending your wedding gift to their residence to avoid both you and them having to travel with it on a plane. If you want to invest in a larger wedding gift idea, collaborate with other attendees to surprise the couple with something more substantial. 

Using these wedding gift tips helps you get through a destination wedding without making a serious present faux pas. Whether there’s a registry in place or not, you just need some wedding gift ideas to stay on the right track. When you are ready to shop, check out the selection of gifts by occasion for inspiration and find just the right token of love and appreciation for the happy couple.