Gorgeous Ways to Decorate With Affordable Sheepskin Rugs

Decorating a home with even the tiniest new detail brings new life to a room, and a rug has the power to bring it together. The best part about a rug is how many options are available for consumers, which means that there’s something that appeals to everyone’s personal taste. Even though trends evolve over time, a sheepskin rug is a luxurious and beautiful way for you to make a room look radiant.

One of the easiest ways to integrate a sheepskin area rug into any room is to base your decision on the balance of natural elements. These rugs are luxurious and soft, making it easy to create new flow in a room that is too stark or to add softness to a room that relaxes and soothes naturally. They come in beautiful natural hide or in a faux sheepskin variant that tends to be less expensive so there's one for almost any budget and need. Check out a few sheepskin rug ideas and get ready for some new inspiration for your home.

Using a Sheepskin Rug for Comfort

One of the biggest appeals to having a quality sheepskin rug is the comfort that it brings to a home. Everyone loves the texture of silky softness under bare feet, and you have the power to create this comforting ambiance for visitors and family alike. Having a soft surface is also crucial for little ones, making it perfect for a nursery when you need to cover up hard floors. A rug brings the whole room together while offering the right environment for children that are learning to walk and crawl. To make them even feel even more cushiony, and to keep them safely in place, look for a rug pad to go underneath it. These can be trimmed to match the size and shape of your rug within 1 to 2 inches from each edge. This allows for a neat appearance and minimizes trip hazards. 

Any bedroom benefits from the comfort of sheepskin. In a room designed for the epitome of relaxation, having the soothing texture of a sheepskin rug brings more of an indulgent appearance and tone. There are plenty of patterns available to go with your current decor or let a new rug set the tone of the room. As relaxing and comfortable as these rugs are, cow hide and similar natural materials complement a room well too and create a new pattern to breakup the solid color of the sheepskin.

Contrasting Textures for a Chic Look

One of the best ways to use sheepskin with your motif is to help show a dramatic difference between textures. For instance, a room with hardwood floors softens with the right sheepskin rug, making the room look less formal and more welcoming. In the same turn, a sheepskin floor runner perfectly complements a stark hallway, enhancing both the length and the softness of the area, especially in this often underutilized part of the home.

In interior design, the balance of different textures is crucial to creating a room that is full of life and synchronicity. However, since a sheepskin rug is so plush and bold, the contrast with the opposite texture needs to be stark. Solid walls and tiled floors often make the best complement to a plush rug.

Creating a Room With Natural Elements

Many homes have fireplaces that aren't decorated, creating an appearance that is rustic but has little charm. If you want to introduce a new look to the room, there are plenty of ways to find the best sheepskin rugs for your preferences. Using the fluffy texture of sheepskin, you can show off a room that has depth and wildness, but in an arrangement and design that is also incredibly chic. In a large room, offer contrasting textures by adding a cowhide rug for a smoother look.

When you buy a sheepskin rug, it's important to consider the other elements that it will contrast with to determine the best match. A soft sheepskin rug with a cream hue goes well with any natural element since it’s so neutral. The dark gray of stonework on a wall is the perfect complement to a sheepskin rug that is lighter in color. However, the subtle texture of light-colored hardwood paneling goes well with both dark and light colors. The use of natural textures with the appearance of sheepskin is a way to feel more in touch with nature, even in the busiest city.

Making the Sheepskin Rug the Centerpiece of the Room

Once you figure out what color and style you want for the rug, you need to consider how big of a role it plays in the room. If you want to make a bold statement, making the sheepskin rug the center of the room accomplishes that. A huge area rug in the middle of the bedroom brings all eyes to the floor, which is also complementary of a bed that has four posts. This creates a gentle motif, while still balancing the structure of solids with softness. The size of the sheepskin rug is the greatest determining factor in how significant of a role it plays within the decor.

Adding Other Sheepskin Accessories

When you add a sheepskin rug, you don’t have to stop there. Sometimes, the best way to show off one of these casual floor rugs is to balance it with other sheepskin accessories. For instance, use throw pillows made with real or faux sheepskin in a living room or bedroom to make the rug look more prominent. Another option is to use smaller rugs to act as a throw or a simple accent on a couch or at the foot of your bed. This ties the theme of the room together nicely. 

The key to decorating with a designer sheepskin rug is balance. Rooms look radiant with this type of texture, but having a combination of wood, stone, and other natural textures gives your home an earthy appearance. To focus on a room that looks more fashion-forward and chic, stick with a monochromatic appearance, contrasting solid white and solid black. No matter what look you're going for, you'll find a sheepskin rug offers a plush softness that's missing from regular carpeting and flooring.